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Latest News

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Celebrating the CleanSeaNet Service. A ten year anniversary publication


CleanSeaNet is the European satellite-based Oil Spill Monitoring and Vessel Detection service. The service analyses images, mainly from SAR but also from optical missions, to detect possible oil spills on...

Annual Overview of Marine Casualties and Incidents 2017


The Annual Overview of Marine Casualties and Incidents consists in a high-level analysis of accidents reported by the EU Member States in European Marine Casualty Information Platform (EMCIP).  

Newsletter November 2017


In this issue: EMSA takes part in international shipping conference in Cyprus; EMSA training programme expands in flexibility and potential reach; Mediterranean Coast Guard Functions Forum held in Turkey ;...

EMSA Facts & Figures 2016


EMSA facts and figures 2016 is designed to present a distilled version of the Consolidated Annual Activity Report which is a comprehensive account of how EMSA implements the tasks set out...

Newsletter October 2017


In this issue: Third biannual exercise on places of refuge for ships in need of assistance held in Norway in conjunction with a chemical/oil spill response exercise; Exchanging operational experience...

THETIS MRV - Supporting Monitoring Reporting & Verification of CO2 Emissions


Information for states authorities, companies and accredited verifiers on the web-based application supporting Regulation (EU) 2015/757. The MAR-CIS information sheets provide in a concise way substance-specific and maritime relevant information on...

Newsletter September 2017


In this issue: Executive Director presents before European Parliament’s Committee on Transport & Tourism; EMSA response vessel engaged in fisheries control in the Mediterranean operated by EFCA; EU-wide picture of...